Learning To Share – Sharing To Learn

Another nuclear conference in Manchester but this one had a definitely different flavour to the recent TopFuel and ENS Conferences. A gathering of nuclear Knowledge Management specialists is an interesting concept on paper due the historic attitude of secrecy with the nuclear industry but that was then. Today real efforts are being made across the UK nuclear sector to share best practices as people realise the benefits to this dramatic change of policy. There is still an issue with who owns the nuclear knowledge in the UK, that was developed and nurtured by the CEGB, UKAEA and BNFL, three companies that no longer exist with most of their operations, with the exception of the National Nuclear Laboratory, now in the private sector. But the new commercial focus may be the driver to bring down costs through the process of sharing, so more of these interesting, enjoyable and thought provoking conferences could well be held for years to come.

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