NEO 11 Niagara Falls Canada

The second Nuclear Education and Outreach meeting is being held in the same location as the annual CNS meeting, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Canada historically seems to be split into two camps of nuclear supporters and anti-nuclear groups but the younger generation seems to becoming more apathetic on anecdotal evidence. There are a lot of very good communicators providing outreach activities and a possible new programme will organise workshops to train more people to do outreach, and another one to educate workers in the nuclear industry that do not have an understanding of the nuclear fission process. The lunchtime guest speaker was Jay Ingram from the Discovery Channel and he talked about some interesting aspects of culture and cognition. When people look like part of a group that espouse a view then the message can get lost due to assumptions, whereas when a person doesn’t look like the rest of the group then the audience seems to take more notice. If you look like a conservative you will be assumed to have conservative views and similarly for liberals.

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